colibri Dubrovnik book

This monograph we have published is a small, but beautiful ornament of Dubrovnik that will open for you a window into the interesting world of the people and the stone of this town, moulded by their histories. There are altogether 186 items, one item per page. Almost every item is accompanied by a small gallery of pictures. The accompanying DVD, according to the order of items in the book, comprises 1,000 new photography’s published for the first time in this edition.

Thanks to its size colibri will not be a burden or an impediment while walking around town and sightseeing. Moreover, in just a few seconds you will be able to pinpoint the most important information about historical buildings, monuments and other significant sights in the old part of Dubrovnik - you can learn about their periods of construction and architectural styles, as well as their importance to the town and other points of interest.

Additional chapters, besides notable people from Dubrovnik, describe astonishing curiosities from the life of the Town and the Republic, as well as their key features and characteristics throughout history (Rector, Grand and Small Council, Senate, Diplomacy, Statute…).

All of this information will offer you a deeper understanding of the greatness of spirit and wisdom of the time that propelled many centuries of liberty and prosperity in Dubrovnik and throughout the Republic. Let colibri DUBROVNIK be your best guide through a famous and momentous history and through the rich cultural and tourist offer today.

Colibri is also a souvenir, a valuable memory or an ideal gift for dear friends who, we hope, will come to visit this unique town in the future.

The whole of Dubrovnik is a work of art, an unlikely miracle, but not an accidental one. It waits in quiet existence for never-ending discovery by its visitors. Allow our colibri to help you discover the wonder of Dubrovnik.

Price:  20 EUR